The Asian Journal of Dental Research is the official bi-monthly publication. Asian Journal of Dental Research is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed dental journal publishing articles in the field of dentistry.

The Asian Journal of Dental Research publishes scientific articles, case reports and comparison studies evaluating materials and methods of dental treatment. Dentists can learn about new concepts in dental treatment and the latest advances in techniques and instrumentation in the one journal that helps them keep pace with rapid changes in this field. The journal also aims to provide clinicians, scientists and students of dentistry with a knowledge transfer platform for rapid publication of reports through an international journal, which will be available free online until 2013. The broad coverage of current research has given the journal an international reputation as an indispensable source for both basic scientists and clinicians engaged in understanding and preventing dental disease. All articles will be critically reviewed by the editor and invited referees.

The Editor welcomes manuscripts in the following key thematic areas in oral and maxillofacial sciences:

  1. Conservative Dentistry
  2. Community Dentistry
  3. Dental Biomaterials
  4. Dental Pedagogy
  5. Dental Traumatology
  6. Endodontics
  7. Esthetic Dentistry
  8. Implant Dentistry
  9. Oral Epidemiology
  10. Oral Biosciences
  11. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  12. Oral Medicine
  13. Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology
  14. Orthodontics
  15. Oral Radiology
  16. Oral Rehabilitation
  17. Pedodontics
  18. Periodontology and Periodontal Medicine
  19. Prosthodontics
  20. Restorative Dentistry